Here is our web app for your creative online events & digital experiences!

We set new standards for indoor games, quiz events and Online escape games!

For years, remote events have offered flexible ways to experience and play together – even if you’re not physically in the same place at the same time. But since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the importance of remote events has increased significantly. Remote events have become a permanent and significant part of the event mix. Even though we are all currently looking forward to finally being face to face again.

The espoto Web App sets new standards for digital experiences!

At espoto, we’ve been creating digital experiences with our software for years, and since 2020 we’ve also invested a lot of time and passion into the development of our web app. In this way, we have created a platform that allows our customers to transform their content into an exciting online event. The games can be played comfortably via the browser – uncomplicated because no app download is necessary. In addition, the Web App is responsive, so it can also be used on smartphones. This provides flexible options for a wide range of use cases. The use of the Web App is so intuitive that even participants without technical affinity can quickly find their way around. The simple and quick entry lets users enjoy using the applications right from the beginning.

Intuitive software for creative remote events & digital experiences!

The espoto Web App can be used for many use cases. It is ideal for different game variations, because digital indoor games, Escape Games or Quiz Events can be played with the Web App. But also learning and educational games for a successful onboarding process, learning games for trainees or other applications from the area of playful business can be ideally implemented with the Web App.
And the implementation of your creative ideas with the Web App is also attractive in terms of costs since the lower hardware requirements make adaptations and further developments feasible at a lower cost and in less time.

3 example games for exciting remote events with our Web App!

Now we would like to introduce you to these three espoto game concepts for use with the Web App:

Mount Everest Remote Team Challenge

mount everest online team challenge moodbild

Are you looking for an exciting game concept for your next online team event? Then you are exactly right here. With our Mount Everest Remote Team Challenge, your teams will reach the summit of success with exciting and interactive tasks. Our unique adventure simulation of an expedition to the roof of our world is great fun and promotes team spirit and communication! The concept is available in German and English.

Criminal Mastermind

As a newly formed special task force of Europol, you, your team or your customers go on the hunt of probably the most spectacular art thief in the history of crime. The Criminal Mastermind calls himself “The Wolf”. He is targeting the most valuable and extraordinary art treasures in Europe. 

Criminal Mastermind is a great concept in the style of an Escape Game with a lot of fun! It is available in German and English.

The Aurora Legacy

The precious Aurora Diamond has been stolen. The Fox Gang seems to be behind the robbery, but they has covered their tracks very well. The only chance of success is an encrypted database found in the fox’s lair. Apparently the fox has stored the instructions to his henchmen where the diamond should be hidden after the robbery.

And this is where the player comes in! The goal is to decipher the cryptic clues of the fox and find out where the Aurora Diamond could be!

You can also use these three exciting game concepts for your remote events.

But also several other games can be played with our Web App. The Web App consider all scavenger hunt and quiz games which were build in our software. The Web App also finds its way into many other areas. In addition, the Web App includes features that the native apps do not have, such as the choice between Open Teams and Master Slave options. In Open Teams mode, each player gets a link that automatically assigns them to a team.

With the Master Slave setting, only one team captain can solve the tasks. All others are then in Viewer mode and can read the tasks. These roles can be changed within the team.

The Web App is customizable with its own look and feel!

The news will also please our existing customers, because the Web App is now fully brandable – adapted to the branding of the new native scavenger hunt app. According to this, not only a logo and a background can be uploaded anymore, but the whole color branding of the app can be customized. Font colors, header and footer colors, icon colors and much more.

We have summarized the advantages of our web app for you here:

  • Development of exciting and unique games
  • No separate system necessary
  • Uncomplicated access via a URL
  • Ideal for games on the computer – therefore no difference iOS and Android
  • Individuality through various branding options
  • White label app possible
  • Own game cloud
  • Multilingualism of the Web App
  • Simple pricing models – without entry fees and running costs
  • Fast realization of individual wishes possible
  • Integration of other web tools possible
  • Online team events for remote working teams worldwide usable
  • Ideal winter events during the Corona season
  • The Web App is very well suited for large groups

Our Web App for your online events!

Whether you are an escape game provider, team event agency or educational institution: with our Web App your customers can easily enjoy your remote events. Did our article inspire you or did it directly raise questions? Then we are looking forward to the exchange!

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Data protection
We, espoto GmbH (Registered business address: Germany), process personal data for the operation of this website only to the extent technically necessary. All details in our privacy policy.