Innovative Into The Future: The Summary Of Our Partner Meeting 2024

Last week was once again a highlight for us, as we held our eagerly awaited Partner Meeting for this year on April 9, 2024. We would like to thanks to all participants for their dedicated participation, valuable feedback and wealth of ideas. This lively exchange has once again resulted in exciting approaches for the further development of our features and concepts, which will help us to continuously improve and expand our products and solutions.

Our new solution types that we are currently working on made a particular impression this time. In the coming months, you can expect numerous innovations that will enable you to design even better estimation, sorting and matching tasks in the future. In addition, we will even be integrating options for cloze texts, puzzles and error-mapping tasks into our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt Software. We explored these innovations together at our Partner Meeting and tried them out in practical examples, before gathering further ideas for new solution types in groups.

Our recently released features were also met with great interest. We used the time at the Partner Meeting to present and train them again in detail. These include the individual event countdown, the new QR code solution type, the cooperative mode and many other exciting additions from last year. Below we have described the most important recently released features for you once again.

Individual Event Countdown

Our individual event countdown is a real highlight. This feature allows you to set a precise game time for all players or teams, even if your scavenger hunt event has a flexible start and end time. Especially in open scavenger hunt games, where not all players start or end at the same time, this feature proves to be extremely useful. Because unlike traditional team events, which usually have a fixed start and end time, the individual countdown allows each player or team to have a precisely defined playing time independently of each other. For example, you could specify that each team has exactly 90 minutes to complete all tasks.

This feature has been around for several years, but until now the individual countdown was linked to the event check-in of a player or team. With our customization, you can now easily link the individual countdown to a certain number of solved tasks within your scavenger hunt event. This means that the countdown is no longer dependent on the event check-in. The countdown can start after a certain number of tasks which have been solved. This gives you full control over whether, for example, onboarding tasks should already be part of the playing time or not.

It also allows you to trigger global and time-controlled Tabspot groups even more precisely via our Storytelling Tool. This new feature gives you even greater flexibility and control over the flow of your scavenger hunt event and enables an even more immersive gaming experience for all participants.

New Solution Typ QR

We have revolutionized our Text+QR solution methodology and said goodbye to the combination of text solution and QR code option. From now on, the solution is done exclusively via QR codes. Similar to the QR code check-in, players now need a QR code to solve the task. These QR codes are still not generated by the system, but can be defined individually by each event manager using a general QR code generator.

This innovation offers numerous advantages for players and event managers. Players can now solve the tasks directly by scanning the QR codes, creating a more interactive and immersive gaming experience. At the same time, the management of QR code based tasks is simplified for event managers as they can create and manage QR codes individually without having to rely on the system to generate them. Overall, this change is an improvement for both players and teams, as well as event organizers, as it allows for a smoother and more efficient experience when running scavenger hunts and similar events.

Coorporate Mode

In a previous blog post, we already introduced our new cooperative mode, which is an exciting addition to our platform. From now on, you can choose between two game modes in the event settings of the online editor, depending on your target group and customer objectives. The first mode is the competitive mode, which uses the standard high score where teams compete against each other to achieve the highest score. The second mode, cooperative mode, allows teams to work together to achieve a high score instead of competing against each other.

In cooperative mode, the traditional high score in our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App is replaced by an overall score that reflects the collective success of all teams. This total score is displayed either as a numerical value if no specific target value has been set, or as a meaningful pie chart if a target value has been set. When a target value is set, the pie chart visualizes the collective success of all teams by showing the points accumulated compared to the set target. This new feature allows players and teams to collaborate and work together towards a common goal, making the game experience even more exciting and cooperative.


Our keywords were already a big topic at the Partner Meeting 2023. That’s why we didn’t miss the opportunity to promote this feature again this year. Our keyword feature offers you a real booster for your storytelling. A small feature with a very big effect and easy to use! You can use small short codes to add individual team values to general task texts. Be sure to try out the Keywords feature in your scavenger hunt events! In the espoto Academy you will also find comprehensive instructions for this feature.

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