Strong Together: The New Cooperative Mode For Our Digital Scavenger Hunt App!

Digital scavenger hunts, city rallies, amazing races and other location-based game formats are a popular activity for team events and team building. Traditionally, however, these scavenger hunt events are often organised in a competitive setting, with different teams vying for a high score. Despite “playing against each other”, competitive events are also effective team building activities and an effective way to achieve team building goals.

Even in a competitive environment with other teams, participants must work together within teams to overcome the challenges of the scavenger hunt. They need to exchange ideas, share information and find solutions together in order to succeed as a team. Unexpected challenges require creative thinking and problem-solving skills that team players must utilise together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. In addition, clear and effective communication between team members is required if you want to come out on top as a team.

So Why Play Cooperatively At All?

In cooperative scavenger hunt events, the focus is not just on leading your own team to victory, but on all players and teams working together towards a common goal. This promotes a positive atmosphere overall and strengthens the feeling of togetherness among all participants in the event. In contrast to competitive games, where competition can also lead to tension, the focus here is on having fun together.

Cooperative scavenger hunts also offer a whole range of other advantages over competitive games. They are more inclusive, as players who are less competition-orientated are better able to get involved in a group and succeed together. In addition, the focus on the shared experience leads to a more relaxed gaming experience without the pressure that often comes with the pursuit of individual victory.

The Cooperative Mode Of Our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App:

In addition to our classic competitive mode with points and high scores, we have now launched a new feature at the start of the new year with our cooperative mode, which allows us to implement not only competitive scavenger hunt events, but also cooperative events and game concepts – which in the past have tended to be implemented via workarounds.

The cooperative mode of our Serious Games Software replaces the conventional high score in the scavenger hunt app with an overall score that reflects the collective success of all teams within an event.

The event manager can either set a target value to be achieved or the total score is displayed in the app without a specific target value. If a target value is set, the collective success of all teams is visualised in a meaningful pie chart. This chart shows the points collected compared to the set target and fills up with more points collected by all teams, similar to our Escape Tool.


With the new cooperative mode, we are bringing an innovative feature to our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App that strengthens the shared gaming experience and promotes cooperation between all teams. Whether for team events, team building or just for fun with friends – our Scavenger Hunt Software now offers even more options for an unforgettable experience.

In general, however, it is important to note that preferences for cooperative or competitive games can depend heavily on individual player preferences. Some prefer competition and challenge, while others favour social interaction and a shared experience.

Realise Your Game Idea Cooperatively Now!

Would you like to explore a completely new dimension of gaming? With just one click, you can switch between cooperative and competitive mode in the event settings of our Serious Games Software. Whether you or your customers love challenges, or your customers crave shared experiences, our flexible Serious Games Software adapts to your preferences and those of your customers.

Need inspiration for your cooperative scavenger hunt? We are happy to help!

If you are still looking for the perfect idea for your scavenger hunt, be it for a team building event or any other occasion, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our experienced team is ready to support you in realising your vision. We will be happy to help you develop a game concept with a strong cooperative spirit that will inspire your participants.

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