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You don’t know how to use our software yet? You would like to design your own game concept or other complex applications for your use case and target group and don’t quite know how to proceed now? Or would you like to learn more about gamification, game design and storytelling independently of our software? Then our advanced trainings and workshops are just the right thing for you.

Thanks to our advanced trainings, you can now become a creative game designer. In addition to the possibility that we develop individual games for you or provide you with our ready-to-play game concepts, we also offer exciting workshops. Here you will not only learn the basics of using our Serious Games Software and its various applications. We also teach comprehensive knowledge about topics such as gamification, game design, storytelling, puzzle designs and mechanics. This will enable you to develop immersive, lively and also serious games and applications of other kinds.

Our advanced training and workshop offer can also be booked independently of our software use.

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Not found the right workshop offer? Then you are also welcome to request an individual training. We will also be happy to design a concept specially adapted to your needs. The use of our software is not relevant. Because in addition to the game development on our Serious Games Platform, we also provide support and knowledge for completely different games, including card games, board games, browser games based on Unity etc.

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