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Create individual, dynamic and challenging quiz games and other indoor events with our Serious Games Software!

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Our Serious Games Software for Quiz Events

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We are not Kahoot or Quiz Duel. But anyway, our Serious Games Software offers an excellent platform for quiz events thanks to its flexibility and the ability to combine features from other use cases.

Turn your next event into an unforgettable experience with our software and combine knowledge, competition, team spirit and fun in an innovative way. With just a few clicks, you can turn our native Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App and/or our browser-based Web App into a pure Quiz App by turning off irrelevant location-based game features and others. Dynamic layouts make this effortless!

Our Serious Games Software is thus an invaluable tool to quickly engage people not only with location-based applications, but also with quiz events or other indoor games – be it at team events, congresses, exhibitions or in schools.

Use a variety of task types, including voting-type tasks that display votes or opinion polls, show concrete results, test prior knowledge or repeat content.

Large groups

Effortlessly inspire several hundred people at the same time with a quiz event!

Content Sharing

You can also easily access existing tasks from other applications!


Our software is easy to use as a Quiz App and can be customized!


Integrate exciting audios and videos into your quests for challenging tasks!


With us, you can customize the quiz app with logos and colors to match your customer branding!


Simple evaluation of tasks, points, photos and videos with slideshow options in the online editor!

Task types

Over 15 different types of tasks and mini-games provide plenty of variety in your quiz!


Our software supports up to 7 languages!

Offline Security

Our software as a quiz app works online and offline as well as with and without real-time control!


Our Serious Games Software allows you to flexibly customize your individual Quiz App with just a few clicks.

The flexibility of our software also for quiz games!

Discover the variety and flexibility of our Serious Games Software as a Quiz App and use our native Scavenger Hunt App or our browser-based Web App for more than just location-based games.

Switch off unwanted functions with ease and design our apps as purely indoor or quiz apps. This makes our Serious Games Software to one with the highest degree of freedom for customer-oriented, individual design options on the market!

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Flexible design for unique quiz games!

Use the online editor of our Serious Games Software to create not only location-based games. Create also individual, dynamic and challenging quiz events – without any programming knowledge.

Our software can be used for a variety of events, including team events, team trainings, congresses, workshops, exhibitions, lectures or exams. The possibilities are endless and the decision is entirely up to you. Bring your creativity to life! With just a few clicks, you can flexibly design your individual Quiz App.

Create a variety of tasks and design exciting challenges – our platform offers you unlimited freedom. Thanks to a wide range of task types, you can become a master of the creative quiz. You can find an overview of possible tasks on the page of our digital Scavenger Hunt App.

In addition, you can add more interactivity and excitement to your quiz event with our real-time high score, various presentation functions and the option for chat and push messages. Show the high score and other statistics whenever you want and crown the winner with a thrilling showdown. This turns your quiz into an interactive team event.

One software with numerous possibilities!

For more information on the functionality of our Serious Games Software, not just for quiz games, please take a look at our native Scavenger Hunt App or our browser-based Web App.

This will give you a comprehensive overview of our features and the variability of our software.

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