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Build your own games or expand your portfolio with ready-made concepts based on espoto Serious Games Software! We offer the best solution for everyone!

Our Added Value For Your Business

Game Ready To Play

Choose on of our proven and “ready to play” games from our portfolio, which can be adapted to your needs and implemented directly. From outdoor games to mobile escape games – you will find a suitable concept for every target group.


If you would rather have an individual development, if you need initial help or if you are looking for a competent partner, then we will work out individual games within a framework of a game thinking process and based on your wishes and needs just for you. Our experienced game designers will be happy to advise you!

Individual Development

In addition, we offer creative and exciting workshops in which we teach you how to initiate and accompany lively learning processes using the Mobile Serious Games method, whether for onboarding new employees, for interactive learning games or as knowledge transfer for your topic.
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- Ready Steady Go -

Our Game Concepts
- Ready To Play -

Tell your very own story with the help of our Serious Games Software solutions. Start your own treasure hunt, an Escape Game or solve a mysterious crime. Create exciting games for your events. Everything is possible. The choice is yours. Alternatively, you can rely on our experience and on our multiple proven game concepts mentioned below.
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Mount Everest Remote Team Challenge

Are you looking for an exciting game concept for your next online team event? Then you are exactly right here. With our Mount Everest Remote Team Challenge, your teams will reach the summit of success with exciting and interactive tasks. Our unique adventure simulation of an expedition to the roof of our world is great fun and promotes team spirit and communication!

Criminal Mastermind

Criminal Mastermind is our most successful great concept in the style of an Escape Game! As a newly formed special task force of Europol, the players go on the hunt of probably the most spectacular art thief in the history of crime. The Criminal Mastermind calls himself “The Wolf”. He is targeting the most valuable and extraordinary art treasures in Europe. 

The Aurora Legacy

The Aurora Legacy is an online game concept in the style of an Escape Game. Within the game the precious Aurora Diamond has been stolen. The criminal Fox Gang seems to be behind the robbery, but has covered their tracks very well. The only chance of success is an encrypted database found in the fox’s lair. And this is where the player comes in! The goal is to decipher the cryptic clues of the fox and find out where the Aurora Diamond could be!

Virus Infection

Virus Infection is a great indoor concept in the style of an Escape Game with a lot of suspense and tricky puzzles! Within the game a wave of dangerous infections puts the world in an imminent catastrophe. Six of the worst mutations of the Ebola virus were stolen from a laboratory. In the meantime infections have been reported in various places around the world. The WHO is sending various teams to the world’s epicenters to search for clues, decode the viruses and produce a suitable antidote.

Crime Academy

The Crime Academy is our oldest game concept – our classic and our location-based game concept for beginners! The idea behind this concept is to create a location-based game which is as flexible as possible and which can be adapted to any city with relatively little effort. The basic story is also easy to adapt to your own wishes. Within the Tab Crime Academy, players take the role of budding investigators in a kind of final exam. The goal is to pass the final exam through various challenges and become the best in the year.

- Our Workshops -

Developing Games With Espoto

Would you like to design your own game concepts for your use case and target group and don’t quite know how to proceed? Then get to know our Mobile Serious Games software and much more of game design in our creative and different workshops!

Software Basic Training

Would you like to get a first insight into how our software works? Then take part now in our free software basic training, which takes place regularly.

Basics Of Game Design

Learn the most important basics of game design. You will get a didactic script that will enable you to start planning and implementing your own game right away.

Basics Storytelling

Learn the basics of storytelling with us. Good storytelling is the basis for motivated players and immersive gaming experiences.

Escape Game & Quest Design

In this kind of workshop, we take a closer look at your game idea and develop suitable and innovative puzzle mechanics together.

Individual Workshops

Not the right kind of workshop for you available? Then please feel free to ask for an individual training or workshop. We will also be happy to design a concept specially adapted to your needs.

- Your Alternatives -

Individual Developments

You have not found the right concept and you do not feel like developing something of your own in our Mobile Serious Games System? Or maybe our software doesn’t meet your requirements?

Then let us start now anyway. We will work out an individual concept with you within the framework of a game thinking process, based on your wishes and needs, and put it into practice together. Whether based on our Mobile Serious Games software, analogue or based on another software solution such as Unity. Our experienced game designers will be happy to advise you.

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Data protection
We, espoto GmbH (Registered business address: Germany), process personal data for the operation of this website only to the extent technically necessary. All details in our privacy policy.