Virus Infection.

Our first mobile Indoor Escape Game concept with challenging tasks for the use in team events.

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The Rescue Of The Human Species





Use Cases

Team Event


Up to 5.000

In this exciting mobile escape game, a wave of dangerous infections presents the world with an upcoming catastrophe. An important scientist was kidnapped 2 weeks ago together with his team. Six of the most dangerous mutations of the Ebola virus were stolen from the laboratories. Meanwhile, infections have been reported in various places around the world. The epidemic is spreading unceasingly.

The World Health Organization has not yet been able to decipher the mutations in detail, or to produce an antiserum. The WHO is sending teams to laboratories in the epicenters around the world to decode the viruses and produce a suitable antiserum. After an appropriate briefing in the game, the WHO special squads must enter the laboratory to search for clues.

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The Highlights Of Virus Infection

Our game concept Virus Infection is delivered to you ready to play in German as well as English language. Virus Infection is a mobile Escape Game concept, which can be played competitively as well as cooperatively indoor with an unlimited number of teams. The game concept is optimized for the use in team events.


Storytelling based indoor and mobile game concept with escape game elements!


The game will be played together with our Serious Games Software and other great analog media.


The game concept is currently available in German and English!

Large Groups

Excellent for both small and large groups competitively and cooperatively.

Ready To Play

The game concept is ready to play right away with our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App!


Virus Infection can be customized like all our other game concepts.

- A Sample Process -

Your Virus Infection Event Could Look Like This!

Escape games live from immersion and storytelling. In this game, you, as the event leader, take on the role of the WHO and introduce your teams to the story and its importance for saving the human species.

To decode the virus and produce an antiserum, the teams have to solve various puzzles and find connections via our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App. Each mission team plays in the event at a different epicenter of the world, decodes one of the 6 mutations and creates an individual antiserum.

The game is suitable for both beginners and professionals due to an integrated hint system in our Scavenger Hunt App.

A laboratory forms the game plan. This is displayed in our Digital Scavenger Hunt App instead of the Google Map. In addition to concrete puzzles, there are also hidden clues on the game board that the teams have to figure out.

All other analog game materials (test tubes, puzzle boxes, documents) come in a case from Prof. Dr. Sens and are integrated into the game accordingly via the tasks.

The game can be played competitively. I.e. the team that produces an antiserum first and has solved the most tasks correctly at the end wins. Alternatively, Virus Infection can also be played cooperatively, in which all teams must produce an antiserum before the end of the event time.

Fun, Excitement & Team Play

Get the exciting game concept TARA now – plus a detailed game manual to prepare and operate the game with your teams – plus access to our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt Software and all puzzle documents, audio & video files as well as other templates for post-processing and customizing the game!

Other Game Concepts

The Game Mechanics Of Virus Infection

Discover | Experience

The virtual lab, as well as the analog elements in the case, invite you to discover and experience. Clues have to be searched for and attention paid to details. Augmented reality, black light and scientific phenomena contribute an "AHA" effect.

Puzzling | Decoding

In the various tasks that challenge the participants at different levels, the antiserum can only be found with a lot of team spirit. To do this, the teams have to crack codes, find connections and do puzzles.


During the briefing the participants will become part of the story. Each team member taking on a role of Dr Sens’ lab team. Throughout the game these roles will become increasingly important. The contstant increasing of people becoming infected and the time slowly ticking away creates a tension that all comes to an end with the use of a grand finale.


Each team plays with the same materials, but flies to a different lab in the world, decodes a different one of the 6 Ebola mutations, creates an individual antiserum, and does their part to save the world.

Distribution of roles

Each of the participants receives one of the 7 laboratory badges of the missing team. Each of them has different clues and abilities, which have to be used skilfully in the course of the story. However, you can only reach the goal together.

Hint system

The hint system offers simple or advanced hints or even the solution to each puzzle. Since requesting these clues takes time, of course, the number of infections increases drastically. The decision to do so should therefore be made carefully.

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