Browser-Based Games.

Quickly accessible via a URL, play espoto applications with our Web App directly on your computer or mobile via a browser.

beispiel für die espoto web app auf dem iphone

Browser-based games with our Web App

Start your own virtual treasure hunt, a team quiz, an online escape game or solve a mysterious crime as part of an online crime game – all possible with our Serious Games Software and our browser-based Web App.

Our Web App is a very special alternative to our classic native Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App. The Web App can be accessed quickly via a URL and allows espoto games to be played directly via a web browser on a mobile device or even a computer.

Downloading an app from the App Store or Play Store is no longer necessary. The Web App is therefore particularly suitable for online team events or applications where an app download on end devices is to be avoided.

The advantages of our browser-based Web App include simple and fast accessibility via a web browser, platform-independent use on different devices and operating systems and the avoidance of storage space on mobile devices by not having to download our native app.

Easy access

Our web app can be accessed quickly via a link or QR code. No app download necessary!


Our Web App works platform-independently on almost any end device and even on the computer!


Our Web App also supports all branding options of our Serious Games Software!

White Label Web App

Our Web App is also available as a white label app. It is less expensive to maintain and develop!

Add Ons

Fast and easy to implement individual developments and integration of other web tools!


Our web app also supports different languages!

The advantages of our Web App

Our Web App offers exactly the same high degree of freedom for customer-oriented, individual design options as our native Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App!

Platform independent, our Web App is even our most flexible game app for you, your customers and use cases!

Exciting & Unique Browser Based Games!

Tell your own story now with our Web App. As with our native Scavenger Hunt App you can choose between a variety of exciting customization options.

Use our general online editor and unleash your creativity. Design varied tasks and exciting challenges for your browser-based game. Our Web App also offers you unlimited freedom here.

With numerous different task types, options for combining tasks and check-in types, the gameplay is versatile.

Decide on the look and feel. Customize your browser-based games with individual brandings – be it your own or that of your customer. Customize the background, header logo, button names and colors to your liking.

On request, we can even offer you a White Label Web App for complete integration of your Web App into the desired corporate design at all levels.

One software with numerous

For more information on the wide range of functions of our Serious Games Software with Web App, please also take a look at our other two usage options.

This will give you a comprehensive overview of our features and the variability of our software.

Your brand
Your events
Your Web App

We can also provide you with our Web App completely customized in your corporate design as a White Label App!

Your options for customization

With own URL for starting the Web App
With own standard branding
With own color and button design
With own game cloud
With own terms and conditions
With own imprint
With own email communication
With own landing pages

Interested in creating your own browser-based game?

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