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Create interactive, exciting and especially large group suitable team building activities quickly and easily with our Serious Games Software!

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Our Most Classic Use Case - Team Building

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You would like to create your own interactive team events? No problem! Our Serious Games Software provides you with the ability to design a wide range of team building activities for groups of varying sizes and compositions – worldwide, indoors, outdoors, or virtually!

Using our simple online editor, you can create custom city rallies, interactive outdoor escape games, mobile exit games, creative photo rallies, various quiz and online games, as well as exciting strategy games with a specific business focus, all without any programming knowledge. Therefore our Serious Games Software is your perfect tool for entertaining and motivating team building activities!

Our Serious Games Software is highly flexible, adapting to the desires and requirements of your team building initiatives with a wide array of features.

Below, you’ll find a selection of specific use cases and ideas for how to design your upcoming team events and team building activities using our Serious Games Software and play with our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App.

If you’re still in need of inspiration to get started, you can also utilize our pre-designed game concepts or attend one of our Game Design Workshops to spark your creativity.

The Advantages Of Our Software


Extensive feature set for exciting interactions between the teams and the event leader!


Highest flexibility for customized - personalized - designing options!


International participants are no problem! Our software currently supports more than 7 languages!

Augmented Reality

With our Augmented Reality technology, you bring your content in team events to life!

Live Features

Exciting live features make your team events unforgettable - e.g. team movements in real time, operator calls and much more.


Review the highscore history in fast motion or present a slideshow with all photos and videos - you can reach everything with just one click within our easy online editor.

Offline Security

With us you play your team event online and offline, indoor and outdoor - with and without real-time control!

System Security

High system security of our software, German servers and a fast and personal support!

Price Model

Simple pricing model - no setup fee - no fixed running costs (pay on demand)!​

The Flexibility Of Our Software

Outdoors, indoors as well as virtually – our Serious Games Software enables you to meet all your customers requirements!
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Outdoor Activities Based On GPS

Our Serious Games Software mainly relies on GPS technology to turn your city into a large playground where teams can play different challenges and fun tasks.

Outdoor activities are entertaining. Due to the movement aspect, outdoor activities are not only healthy, they bring also a lot of fun.

Our mobile technology grants teams the freedom to go where they want, but be still connected to other teams. This is significantly different from other team building activities.

Indoor Team Building Activities

Our Serious Games Software is also great for indoor activities. For example, create an indoor scavenger hunt where participants activate tasks via QR-Code, iBeacon, password or object recognition.

You can also create story-based escape games, supplementing stories and puzzles with videos, augmented reality, and other multimedia resources.

Alternatively, build a simple quiz game and use our software with dynamic layouts as a quiz app.

Virtual Team Building Activities

Today, technology allows companies to recruit talents around the world and have some employees working in remote locations.

Multinational companies have entire teams with hundreds or even thousands of employees located all over the world.

Our Serious Games Software has the right tool with our browser-based web app to connect remote teams through virtual team building activities.

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Data protection
We, espoto GmbH (Registered business address: Germany), process personal data for the operation of this website only to the extent technically necessary. All details in our privacy policy.