Our Outdoor Escape Game with a thrilling story and great challenging tasks around the topic of artificial intelligence!

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TARA: "Save Your City From Chaos".





Use Cases

Team Event


Up to 5.000

In a world where many cities are struggling with environmental pollution, traffic congestion and cyber-crime, there is a new artificial intelligence called TARA that has the potential to improve life in cities in a sustainable way. TARA has developed efficient transportation systems, reduced pollution, and increased the safety of residents, resulting in a harmonious and thriving community.

However, recently there has been a split-off entity called XARA that has emerged from TARA and wants to throw every city into chaos. XARA has its own plans and is driven by control and destruction. It begins by undoing TARA’s achievements and plunging every city into darkness.

It will take brave, smart and dedicated teams to help TARA overcome this crisis and stop XARA before it’s too late. In this thrilling outdoor escape game, teams must solve exciting and interactive puzzles to eliminate chaos in various themed areas to counter XARA’s evil intentions and restore balance.

outdoor escape game tara auf dem ipad

The Highlights Of TARA

Our event concept TARA is delivered to you completely ready to play in German and English. It is a very flexible outdoor concept which can be adapted to different cities with little effort. The concept is optimized for use in team events.


Storytelling based outdoor game concept with escape game elements!


Game concept with up-to-date topics and use of a chatbot!


The game concept is currently available in German and English!

Large Groups

Excellent for both small and large groups competitively and cooperatively.

Ready To Play

The game concept is ready to play right away with our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App!


TARA can be customized like all our other game concepts.

- A Sample Process -

Your TARA Event Could Look Like This!

Unlike our other game concepts, you don’t have to take on any other role as an event manager in TARA. Here, Tara itself takes the role of the client and gives the participants important information about the mission and tasks. In order to facilitate the introduction to the event, we have prepared an emotional onboarding video that introduces the participants to the storyline.

The participants are divided into teams and after your and TARAs briefing they go on a hunt with the help of our scavenger hunt app to stop XARA. Exciting and interactive challenges await them in the process. The teams can also collect points during the game, which can be tracked in the high score of the app and in the online editor. Whether XARA can actually be stopped depends significantly on the cooperation within and between the teams. TARA can be played cooperatively or competitively.

At the end of the game, all teams come together and the teams’ photos will be presented in a slideshow. The game is concluded with an emotional award ceremony where TARA thanks the participants for their achievements.

Fun, Excitement & Team Play

Get the exciting game concept TARA now – plus a detailed game manual to prepare and operate the game with your teams – plus access to our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt Software and all puzzle documents, audio & video files as well as other templates for post-processing and customizing the game!

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The Basis Of TARA

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Our Software

An essential part of TARA is the integration of our Mobile Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App. This is because our espoto Scavenger Hunt App allows your participants to go to different stations within the city and face various challenges that need to be solved as part of the story of TARA.

In addition, we have integrated our game-relevant chatbot TARA into our Scavenger Hunt App, which the teams have to interact with during the process of the game. Depending on the game setting, teams can see each other on the map and communicate with each other. Teams can also hinder or even support each other via the use of gadgets, depending on whether you as an event manager take a more cooperative or competitive approach.

All game results run together for you in our online editor. There you can evaluate the results and prepare an emotional showdown.

With our online editor, Tara can be supplemented with additional tasks of your own, even shortened and transported to almost any city.

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