Crime Academy.

Our classic scavenger hunt concept with a simple story and exciting tasks transferable to almost any location.

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The Classic - Easy To Adapt





Use Cases

Team Event


Up to 5.000

The Crime Academy is our scavenger hunt concept of the first hour. Beginner-friendly, flexible, individually customizable, with a small story and versatile tasks.

Within this game concept, the teams take on the role of upcoming investigators of a Crime Academy. They are going to do their final exam and have to solve a number of tasks in order to pass the Crime Academy. At least 1000 points must be scored in order to pass. In addition, the best investigators of the year are awarded in a competition.

In addition to the examination tasks with small crime stories and the 1×1 of criminal techniques, there are also real missions to be played from time to time, in which the police ask for help at short notice.

The simple game principle makes our Crime Academy a very flexible game concept for beginners, which can be adapted to different locations and easily expanded with additional individual tasks.

The game concept provides a lot of excitement for the participants and is just fun!

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The Highlights Of The Crime Academy

Our Crime Academy game concept is delivered to you completely ready to play in German and English. It is a very flexible outdoor concept which can be adapted to different cities with little effort. The concept is optimized for use in team events.


Simple storytelling with possibilities for extensions!


The game concept requires minimal external game materials!


The game concept is currently available in German and English!

Large Groups

Excellent especially for handling large groups!


Especially suitable for beginners to our Serious Games Software!


The Crime Academy can be customized like all our other game concepts.

- A Sample Process -

Your Crime Academy Event Could Look Like This!

As the supervisor of the Crime Academy, you welcome the participants to their final exam.

Divided into teams, the participants go out for a scavenger hunt after your briefing. The teams need to score the 1000 points together with our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App to pass the Academy. In the process, the teams complete crime-specific tasks and are even called to one or the other real operation by the police.

However, the 1000 points are not the end of the story, as the best team in the Academy will also be awarded. The score of the other teams can be tracked in the high score. However, to make the game more exciting at the end, simply switch off the visibility of the high score one third before the end of the game.

The competitive character is further enhanced by using our gadget feature. With these, teams can hinder each other. However, alliances may also form and teams may support each other.

At the end of the game, all teams are brought together and the photos of the teams are presented in a slideshow. The game is concluded with an emotional award ceremony.

Fun, Excitement & Team Play

Get the exciting Crime Academy game concept now – plus a detailed game manual to prepare and operate the game with your teams – plus access to our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt Software and all puzzle documents, audio & video files as well as other templates for post-processing and customizing the game!

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