Our first digital scavenger hunt - redesign - white label app is successfully in use!

New features, diverse branding options, special playful experience – our scavenger hunt app redesign inspires and also convinces in practice! After we presented the redesign of our scavenger hunt app at the espoto partner meeting on March 22 and 23, 2022, we directly received the first order for a white label customization. We immediately got to work and now our first official redesign release in the form of a white label app is already in the app stores and in use. And this at a time when we have not even released our in-house espoto scavenger hunt app as a redesign into the app stores. We are very proud of this and thank our customer Interactive Tours for their trust and partnership.

This prelude reminds us of the espoto founding period, when after a long and intensive development period we were eagerly awaiting the moment to celebrate our first release. With this article we would like to introduce you to the redesign of the scavenger hunt app and provide inspiration for your individual applications.
Digital Treasure Hunt App with mobile escape game
Digital Treasure Hunt App with Outdoor Escape Game Space Escape

Espoto software in a new look - our core convinces in redesign

The redesign of our digital scavenger hunt app offers numerous advantages for the use of various location-based game applications. First of all, the app convinces with a modern design and also the user experience is on a new level. Even more gaming fun is guaranteed! The scavenger hunt app redesign supports the landscape format on tablets in contrast to the old app, here the UI is based on the idea of a joypad. The map is now centralized in the focus of the app. From now on, players can always see the event time in the main view. The player’s own score is also quickly visible in the main event view. In addition, the short statistics can be accessed here with a single click. Team photos? These are displayed in different views of the new scavenger hunt app, both of your own team and of other teams.

And for those who already use our software: new are also tasks without task description. The code base has been fundamentally renewed. Basic functions of the scavenger hunt app have been written for both iOS and Android within a shared library in the same programming language, simplifying it even more. While we still have to provide the old iOS app in two variants for iPhone and iPad, there is now only one app for iOS for the redesign. In addition, of course, also for Android. Many new features enrich the intuitive use of our digital scavenger hunt app. But especially we would like to emphasize the following extensive design options!

Digital scavenger hunt, outdoor escape game, city rally and more in your corporate design?

The scavenger hunt app redesign offers new and extensive event branding options. So you can customize your events even better to your brand and create individual experiences. Whether header logo, background image, placeholder or thumbnails – we offer you design freedom with different color settings for texts, backgrounds, buttons, icons and bars even without creating a completely custom white label app. While the settings just mentioned can be changed flexibly for each event, the default settings of the espoto app are at least different. And these can also be customized by default as part of a white label app.

These settings can be changed by default in a white label app:

  • App Icon
  • Branding Background
  • Branding Header Logo
  • Branding Splash Screen & colors for
  • Buttons
  • Header Title
  • Sub Header Title &
  • Tab Bar Items

In addition, the previous customization options remain, such as:

  • own Privacy Policy
  • own Imprint
  • own Terms And Conditions
  • own Game Cloud + Main Game of the app
  • own Landing Pages and Email Templates
  • own Email Sender
  • and much more
The successful realization of our first white label scavenger hunt app in redesign caused great joy for our customer Interaktive Tours and also for us. But this is just the beginning! With our possibilities for white label apps, we offer individual solutions without high customization costs for individual developments. With the redesign, our apps with location-based game applications can now be customized more easily as part of a standard implementation.

We at espoto develop your individual White Label App

With a white label app you can transfer your brand into a unique user interface and convince your customers with your individual application. We hope this article has given you an impression of how diverse and uncomplicated the possibilities are to implement your white label app. We are specialized in developing and designing software solutions for companies and educational institutions. We are currently working with event organizations, tourism facilities, schools, clubs and Escape Game providers and are open and curious for other industries and projects. Because we love to design processes in a playful way!

Are you curious to see what your individual app looks like? Or do you have questions, for example for further fields of application? We are looking forward to the exchange! If you would like to get a more concrete overview of the redesign, then take a look at the following video! Have fun!
Video tutorial – overview of basic innovations in the digital scavenger hunt app.

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