Espoto inspires with innovative software solutions at partner meeting 2022

Do you know this? You have implemented so many incredible developments as a team over the last 18 months and worked at full speed on projects that are now finally allowed out into the world? Those special days that become milestones? March 22, 2022 was one of those days for us, because that was when our partner meeting took place. Digital for the first time. But therefore much bigger. We have been looking forward to this day for months, on which we were able to present the latest developments of our location-based game software to our partners. Digital scavenger hunts, city tours and quiz games based on the latest software solutions for unique experiences.

With this blog we would like to give you an insight into the contents of our partner meeting and present our latest developments. For example our app redesign, which is now available as a beta version and promises a great user experience with a new look and many new features. Or the redesign of our content management system. We presented other innovations like the integration of Augmented Reality, which offers you completely new possibilities for your customers and our Storytelling Tool, which brings even more excitement into your team events. As well as other interesting developments from Espoto. Are you excited? Here is our summary for you:

1. App redesign - now available as beta version

Let’s start with our biggest milestone: our digital scavenger hunt app has been completely redesigned and is now available as a beta version. The design is more modern and customization options for our partners are versatile. We have also made several improvements to the user interface and developed many interesting features. The event branding design can now be customized in an even more uncomplicated and versatile way to convince our partners’ customers with a unique user interface and an app with intuitive handling. The first white label apps are already converted to this version and this year all partners can switch to the new version.
Video tutorial – overview of basic innovations in the digital scavenger hunt app.

We have summarized the advantages of the redesign of our locations-based game app here:

  • New fresh design
  • Support for landscape format on tablets
  • Centralization of the map (map in the focus of the app)
  • UI in landscape format based on the idea of a joypad
  • General renewal of the code base: app based on a shared library, i.e. the code base was written in the same programming language for both iOS and Android
  • Merging iPad and iPhone app, i.e. only one iOS app in the future
  • Better and more extensive event branding options
  • Better UI with a significant reduction in the number of clicks to reach certain functions
  • Quick statistics
  • Processing and display of team photos of own and other teams
  • And many more new features
Currently we are still working on merging the digital scavenger hunt app and the quiz app functions, then in the next few months there will be only one app for everything. In addition, with the redesign we will also work on a flexible main menu to adapt the app to different use cases, even without white label app creation.

2. Play outdoor scavenger hunt games uncomplicated, fast and without app download with our web app

We also offer a web app designed for online events and for playing via the browser. There is no app download necessary, so it results in a simple and quick entry into the game for users via the browser. This is also used for outdoor scavenger hunt games, for example. Due to the lower hardware requirements, adaptations and further developments can be realized with a lower cost and time expenditure. The web app is responsive, so it can also be used on smartphones. To the delight of our partners, this was also subjected to a fresh redesign.

3. Security and new features with the content management system redesign

We redesigned our CMS first, the beta version is already available since 2020. And with many interesting features and a much higher speed than in the old version. We are also planning the complete changeover here this year. A few features will still be followed up in the UI. We have designed everything as secure as possible for the changeover, a short-term switch to the old CMS is possible at any time without losing data. For our partners, a video series with recordings from the partner meeting and this topic will also soon be available online in our espoto Academy!

We have summarized the advantages of the revised content management system for you here:

  • New design and UI
  • New features like app branding app redesign, individual checkin radius spot and much more
  • Guided modes via wizards in various functions for easier onboarding of new users
  • Responsive Dashboard
  • Clear and customizable dashboard based on Cards
  • Increased speed
  • Storytelling Tool
  • Minimize the number of clicks to access various functions
  • Partial refresh of certain Cards

4. Augmented reality provides new effects and multiple possibilities

Augmented reality provides particularly surprising effects and a lot of fun in our applications. In addition to new functions, we also presented tried-and-tested examples that can be played in almost any digital scavenger hunt game and offer a variety of varied uses. Our partners were especially enthusiastic about the function of green screen videos, i.e. the possibilities to place 3D models in space as well as portals in combination with 360 degree videos and photos to transport players to another time or place.

Placing in space always means that the player can flexibly walk around the object and also take the camera away from the AR content. The content always remains exactly where it is in the room, or where it was previously placed. So regardless of the personal position or the position of the camera. The production of green screen videos is cheaper than the development of 3D models and therefore offers a good alternative with interesting application possibilities.

In the following video you can get an idea, here also in German version. In addition, there will soon be a further video series for our partners with recordings from the partner meeting on this topic in our espoto Academy.

Video tutorial – examples about the use of augmented reality within our digital scavenger hunt app.

5. With the Storytelling Tool, your events get dynamics and an extra portion of motivation

Our Storytelling Tool also generated a lot of enthusiasm. What is it? Imagine this classic scenario during an event: the different groups have scored different amounts of points and the winning team seems to be foreseeable ahead of time. This often takes away from the dynamics and motivation of the event, doesn’t it? That’s why we have developed the Storytelling Tool, with which you can create maximum tension within your game. How does it work?

During the game, different storylines and decision paths can be opened up. Points can be risked and earned with bonus tasks in poker rounds. Either the number of points is defined beforehand or the team can decide for itself how high the stakes are. This adds a lot of excitement during the event and can completely change the teams’ point totals. This keeps all teams motivated and excited until the very end.

A new video series with recordings from the partner meeting will be available soon within our espoto academy for our partners!

New software solutions from espoto convince at partner meeting

This year’s partner meeting was a very special moment for the entire Espoto team. After all, this was the first time that it took place online and on a new scale – before the Corona Pandemic, we presented our developments in a presence in Berlin or Potsdam. We are very happy that this online launch was so successful and that we were able to convince with our latest location-based developments at the Espoto Partner Meeting 2022. Our national and international customers were enthusiastic about the redesign of the app and the CMS, which are now used with the numerous new possibilities to create unique experiences for people from different areas.

For those who want to have a short and crisp text event, here on google Drive you can find direct test events in German and English Version. Have fun! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners for their great feedback!

Together we bring processes to live!

We have been passionately developing innovative software solutions for applications in the areas of teambuilding, HR, education, Escape Game and tourism for over 10 years. Our claim “TOGETHER WE BRING PROCESSES TO LIFE!” stands for our attitude – both in development and in collaboration. Currently we develop software solutions for companies and educational institutions in the following areas:
  • Event Agencies
  • Escape game providers
  • climbing gardens
  • city guides
  • tourism facilities
  • Museums, libraries, and many other educational institutions
  • Schools and clubs
Are you curious whether our software solutions can also offer added value for your use cases, goals and business model? Or are you looking for a partner who allows the greatest possible freedom in terms of design and implementation? We are already looking forward to the exchange with you!

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