Quiz Event

group playing quiz event with espoto quiz software

Quiz events promote fun, collaboration and team building. With our Serious Games Software, you can transform our Scavenger Hunt App into an interactive, challenging quiz app that enriches your team quiz event with just a few clicks.

Digital Treasure Hunt

treasure hunts with treasure hunt app

Our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt Software is exactly the innovative software you need to digitize your treasure hunts and make them even more exciting. With state-of-the-art technology, your treasure hunt becomes an interactive, entertaining experience that challenges and delights players.

Amazing Race Event

group within an amazing race with espoto scavenger hunt app

Our Serious Games Scavenger Hunt App allows you to take your team event to the next level with an exciting amazing race. Use state-of-the-art technology for an interactive experience that encourages strategic thinking and collaboration.

Outdoor Exit Game

gruppe spielt outdoor escape game

Outdoor Escape Games are ideal for large groups as they have no participant limit. Our Serious Games Software allows you to transform your environment into an exciting outdoor escape game with an interesting story, quickly and easily without any programming skills.

City Rally

city rally for team building with espoto scavenger hunt app

Would you like a city rally that inspires all your participants with interaction? And at the same time you present the highlights of the city in an interesting way? Our digital Scavenger Hunt App transforms your city rally into an unforgettable experience thanks to state-of-the-art technology!

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