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Introduction To The Functionality Of Our Software

You have just got a test account and want to get started with our software? You want to get a first insight into the functionality of our espoto mobile serious games software and get useful tips & tricks for creating your first own game or event? Then take part in one of our regularly offered software basic trainings.

Our experienced software experts will give you an overview of the functionality of our software. You will learn how to create your game or event and how to fill it with tasks and media. You can try out the first steps step by step and learn valuable tricks for organizing your event dashboard and using the online editor and the scavenger hunt app.

Prior Knowledge





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Our Training Topics

Access to the Online Editor

Dashboard overview and functionality

Create & Organize Events

Creation & variation of tasks

Routing & arrangement of tasks

Branding & design options

Create teams

Types of access to the game

Game organization & monitoring

How To Get To The Basic Training


Pick a suitable date in the form below and register for one of the offered dates. You need an individual appointment? Then feel free to contact us!


You will immediately receive a confirmation and some information regarding the access. You do not need to prepare further for the appointment!


Log in on the day of the online training via the access sent! In addition to exciting input, there will be room for exchange and questions, depending on the number of participants!


After the training you should proceed with the creation of your first content and events to consolidate the acquired knowledge!

Advanced Workshops

Advanced Operator Training

In addition to the basic software training, in this training format you will learn all the necessary tips & tricks for using augmented reality, our storytelling tool, using secret spots, creating indoor maps and much more.

Basics Of Game Design

Learn the most important basics of game design. You will get a didactic script that will enable you to start planning and implementing your own game right away.

Escape Game & Puzzle Designs

In this workshop format, we take a closer look at your game idea and develop suitable and innovative puzzle mechanics together.

Basics Of Storytelling

In this workshop you will learn the basics of storytelling. Good storytelling is the basis for motivated players and immersive game experiences – whether in a complex escape game or a simple city rally.

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic training is offered for all new customers and requests with an existing test account as well as for new employees of current customers. If you do not yet have a test account, please contact us at any time!
Our software basic training is free of charge as long as you attend one of our regularly scheduled dates. In addition to these dates, we also offer site-specific training, which can then be booked for an additional fee.
The basic training courses take place at regular intervals, so that dates can already be secured six months in advance. If you cannot find a suitable date for you and your team, please contact us and we will try to take your needs into account when planning future basic training courses. Alternatively, we can also offer you individual site-specific training sessions. Just get in touch with us!
It is not a problem, if you are unable to attend our basic training course as planned. The basic training is free of charge. Just let us know and we will be happy to rebook you for one of the subsequent dates.
Prior knowledge is not necessary to participate in the basic training, as we will cover the basics to give you an easy introduction to our software. However, if you have already dealt with our software a little more, then there may be more time for specific questions, depending on the number of participants.
In addition to the regular basic training, we also offer individual site-specific and more complex operator trainings. There, we are happy to focus on other and individual topics such as augmented reality, storytelling, secret spots, indoor maps and much more.

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